Lyrics & Literature: Songs I’m digging this August


Hey fellow nerds!

You know when you’ve been reading a really intense book for hours, you’re all antsy, emotions flying, eyes blurry? You don’t want to stop but know you just got to take a break? For me, that break means blasting the music in my room, doing a little jig to get out the jitters and then settling back in to continue reading. It’s a strange ritual, I know. But it sure works. Here’s a couple of songs I’m digging this month (in no particular order):

7 Years – Lukas Graham

My sister introduced me to this song a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy she did. It was released last year and is quite popular now (understandably) so I don’t know how I hadn’t heard it before. Unfortunately, I don’t think much of his other music is as good.

Indigo Home – Roo Panes

I am in love with Roo Panes. Not only is he an incredibly talented musician/singer, but he’s also one hell of a hottie. And he’s English! Look at me fan-girling. So embarrassing.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele

This list wouldn’t be accurate without at least one Adele song. This one is hella catchy.

Summer 2016 – LEJ

These girls are amazing. Every year they put together a cover compilation of all the top listing songs of the summer. I’m in love with their French accents. I think their Summer 2015 is my favourite, but Summer 2016 is a great track too.

Look out for the next month’s feature! What songs are you guys liking this month?

See ya, nerds 🙂

Rebecca xx